Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recent Jylkkäri column - If you don't play, nobody wins

Read my most recent Jylkkäri column, titled If you don't play, nobody wins here(pg. 11).


  1. WRT the article, I should point out that the stated purpose of RAY is to obtain funds for the "advancement of health and social well-being" through slot machines and casino games.
    In addition to its stated purpose, an association (yhdistys) is only allowed insignificant or marginal activities, so it's not like it's some sort of by-product or an arrangement - it's their only purpose.
    I think this nugget could have been communicated better - especially as I think the readers of an English paper are less likely to know about this.

  2. Anonymous - you are right, I could have communicated this a bit better, although I did mention the purpose of RAY and I did make a point of mentioning a few of the organizations that RAY supports through its work. I hope that my readers are able to read through my sarcasm - I think that RAY plays an important role in Finnish society - I myself have benefited from organizations that they support (Monikulttuurikeskus Gloria for example). Thanks for the feedback though, I'm always open to opinions and suggestions.