Saturday, May 21, 2011

kalamarkkinat/fish market

The Jyväskylä fish market is taking place at the city harbor (Lutakko neighborhood) this weekend. Plenty of (you guessed it) fish for sale - fresh, fried, grilled, broiled, smoked, canned, pickled. There are also vendors selling the usual baked goods, marinated garlic cloves, mustards, jams, handicrafts etc. If you can't make it today, it will also be open tomorrow (Sunday, May 22).

loimulohta /"blazed salmon" - a fillet nailed to a plank and flame-broiled

Our purchases - a mini berry basket, a toy perch, and lasten ensipuukko - a child's first belt knife.  Razor sharp, just like the grown-up version, but the tip is blunted to avoid stabbings and  eye pokes.

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