Friday, February 4, 2011

New FLA video - How the Ronald McDonald statue was "kidnapped"

The Food Liberation Army has released a video documenting how they kidnapped Ronald McDonald from a McDonalds restaurant in Helsinki. There is some speculation that this entire episode has been staged by an advertisement agency. I haven't yet developed an opinion on this theory. According to the Finnish press, McDonalds has filed a police report concerning the theft.

I'd really like to think that this is a genuine act of subversion by an actual group of activists but I guess we won't really know until next week which is when the group threatens to execute Ronald if McDonalds doesn't meet their demands.

Articles concerning this incident in Finnish:

Ilta-Sanomat article concerning how the kidnapping was pulled off

An article from YLEX where the kidnappers claim that they are not an ad firm nor is this a student prank

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