Monday, February 7, 2011

Armas kyyttöjuusto/Armas "kyyttö" cheese

Kyyttö is the colloquial term for a breed of cattle officially known as itäsuomenkarja, in English the breed is known by the rather clunky moniker of Eastern Finncattle. The breed is fairly rare - with only about 400 individuals left in Finland it is for all practical purposes an endangered species.

A group of hard-working individuals at Armas-Perhe has been producing cheeses from 100% kyyttö milk for some time now. Apparently kyyttö milk is ideal for cheese making due to its fat content and high levels of casein and other factors that a layman like me won't even pretend to understand. All of the milk used by Armas-Perhe in their cheeses comes from the farm of a gentleman named Pentti Ukkonen who which is somewhere near Jäminkipohja.

Armas "kyyttö" milk cheese

This cheese has a rather earthy aroma. Treated with bacteria and a salt wash and aged for 4 months the flavor is quite strong. I guess if I had to compare it to a more well-known cheese, I'd say that the flavor was reminiscent of an aged Appenzeller.

This cheese is made in collaboration with Herkkujuustola, the same people that produce Väinö - a camembert-type cheese which I blogged about last month.  It is  always exciting for me to find food that has been produced by smaller operators, especially when the quality of the product is exceptional.


  1. Sounds tasty! And where did you find it? In Mestarin Herkku? I can hardly find local products here (except for various non-winter open-air events...)

  2. I did find it at Mestarin Herkku. There are plenty of foods available from smaller producers and local suppliers, but it takes a bit of looking to find them and involves reading the packaging. The Jyväskylä area has plenty of local bakers and quite often freshwater fish comes from local lakes.

  3. But you mean that all of them are available at MH or somewhere else? I miss small groceries here...
    And I'd love to find more places where I could get some fresh meat and offal for my cats - is there any slaughter, meat factory etc. that you know? (sorry for this off topic but I'm really in need :)

  4. There is the small shop across the street from the church park downtown called Katriinan Kauppa that has lots of organic and local products. Kalaliike Mäkinen (on Kauppakatu next door to Pizzeria Maria) usually has local fish. There is a butcher in the Keljonkangas neighborhood, as soon as I figure out the address of the place, I will let you know.

  5. Great! The Keljonkangas address would be more for biking season, since I don't have a car, but thanks a lot anyway.