Monday, December 20, 2010

Piparit ja sinihomejuusto/Ginger snaps and blue cheese

I'm not exactly sure who came up with this combination but I ran across it here in Finland. Blue cheese and ginger snaps. Any blue cheese will do - Danish blue, Stilton, Roquefort,Gorgonzola, or if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Finland, a nice Finnish blue like Aura Gold.

Aura Gold by Valio and ginger snaps by Auran Pikkuleipä

Blue cheese and ginger snaps


  1. interesting. the mister and I both like each of those.. and I was thinking of making ginger cookies this year... hmm..

  2. I might cop this and name a snack at the cafe for you...there's a boat here on the island called the La-Di-Da (Lahti-da)
    i plan to try this, but i can tell it's yummy

  3. This combination can be further enhanced by enjoying it with a fresh pear.