Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Leipäjuusto is a traditional Finnish fresh cheese. Originally made at home from the milk of a cow which has recently birthed a calf, leipäjuusto is now produced comercially with normal milk. Some claim that the flavor of the modern product is not as rich as that of traditional stuff, but since I have never tasted the old-time version, I am unable to verify this.

Leipäjuusto by Mäkiahon Juustola Oy

Leipäjuusto has traditionally been served as is, or as an accompaniment to coffee. A more recent serving variation is to warm it up with either fresh cloudberries or cloudberry jam. It also works well in salads as an alternative to feta-type cheese.


  1. There is even nowadays a recipe for making it with powdered milk.

    The cheese made with new milk is the best, but all forms of it are good.

  2. Sounds good, but can you give somebody that is still in the states an idea what it tastes like? You know - as in a comparison to somethign we have here?

  3. Hmm. Well, it kind of squeeks against the teeth as one eats it. It is pretty much cheese curd that has been baked or grilled. I can't think of anything comparable in the U.S. other that cheese that my friends or relatives have made. Here is a link to a page with a pretty good recipe:

  4. Rouillie, the most similar cheese-taste is fresh mozzarella, but leipäjuusto is slightly more milky and has a different (less thick) consistency.

    I like its short list of ingredients, with no artificial flavours - that's one the first local things I've tried here :)

  5. The squeaky-against-the-teeth thing is because it gets eaten before it has a chance to age. If you have ever eaten fresh cheese curds, it would be familiar. That stuff flies off the shelf before it gets the chance to get old, though. With good reason, that stuff is a worthy snack!

  6. It just came to mind that leipäjuusto is pretty much the same as paneer if this comparison helps at all...