Monday, October 4, 2010

Kompassi/The Compass

The Compass (kompassi)marks the intersection of Kauppakatu and Asemakatu located in downtown Jyväskylä. Recently, the compass rose made of paving stone recieved a high-tech upgrade.

The Compass by day.

As part of the Jyväskylä, City of Light (Valon kaupunki.Jyväskylä) event,a new bit new outdoor lighting has begun to add a little extra illumination to the downtown pedestrian district.

The Compass as it now looks at night:

Apparently our fair city won first prize in the 2009 city.people.light awards. I find that the different light installations around town add a nice bit of color (and of course light) during the darkness which is our reality during the fall and early winter.

There are dozens of locations that have been illuminated in the downtown area. A map showing where to find these installations can be found here.

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