Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ween Maan Wilja 2010

The Ween Maan Wilja festival is going to be held on the 18th and 19th of September. We attended last year. Festival food, things for sale (agricultural products, hand-crafted items, and of course the guy who travels around from market to market selling vacuum cleaner bags [? - really!], and crowds of people. You'll find the festival near Paviljonki (across the tracks from the train station.

Here is a post I did last year after attending the festival:

With its cutesy old-fashioned W's instead of the more modern V, Ween Maan Wilja (the harvest of water and land) is best described as a harvest-type fall festival that intends for you to buy things. Food, handicrafts, more food, and a minimum of crap vendors. Lots of canned meats, baked goods, marinated garlic cloves. It will still be going on Sunday the 20th of September. Ween Maan Wilja is located down by the Paviljonki convention center.

A few photos from the day:

Baskets, both wood and plastic

Muikku (vendace) frying. Its just not a festival without muikku.

Fried muikku with vegetables and fried potatoes.

Wool and felt clothing from the crazy grandma clothing booth.

The only words you will need to survive in Finland.

Loimulohta ja pannukahvia. Flame broiled salmon and camp coffee.

The metrilaku (licorice by the meter) is always so cheerful looking.

Ween Maan Wilja Festival
September 18th - 19th
Jyväskylän Paviljonki

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  1. aw man... if I wasn't hungry before, I certainly am now!