Sunday, July 18, 2010

Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila - The Red Cottage Wine Estate

Finland is perhaps better known for its production of grain alcohol than it is for its wine, but there are a few Finnish wines worth taking a look at.

You will find the Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila just a few kilometers from downtown Alajärvi.

Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila specializes in berry wine, mainly made from currants, red, white, and black. One of their most distinct wines is Kohina - made with blueberries, aronia, black currant, and birch sap.

The Red Cottage Wine Estate (Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila) as seen from the road.

The wines for sale on the premises this summer.

Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila also produces berry liqueurs, but thanks to Finnish alcohol laws, they are unable to sell them by the bottle from their estate. You can find these products for sale at the State alcohol monopoly Alko.

How to find Punaisen Tuvan Viinitila:

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