Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ruthin Leipomon Arinalimppu

Since few weeks a go, a great local option has been available in the bread section of grocery stores in Jyväskylä. After about a ten year absence, Ruthin Leipomo (Ruth's Bakery) has resumed production.

I wasn't in Jyväskylä when Ruthin Leipomo quit baking (year 2000 I guess) so I am completely unqualified to make any comparisons between the breads produced by the old bakery and the ones produced today, but as a guy who appreciates good local food in any form I can say that their arinalimppu (rough translation - hearth loaf) is absolutely spectactular.

With a nice and crunchy crust that takes a little bit of toothwork to get through, revealing a lovely, soft center, this is sour rye at its finest.

I hope that the rest of Jyväskylä comes to the same conclusion that I have and begins to buy this local bread regularly. With a bit of consumer power behind them, this local company can succeed (where a national corporation has failed) and provide good bread (and jobs) to the people who live in our fine city.


  1. And how much is that bread? Cause I'm coming to Jyvaskyla this August for Erasmus and I've heard that food and especially bread is horrendously expensive in Finland. I hope that's just some myth ;)

  2. I guess it depends on what you think is expensive. I can't remember what I paid for this particular loaf, but it was probably a little over 2 €. A meal at the student cafeterias at the university (with student ID card discount) will set you back about 2,60€.

  3. the memory of these pictures was making my mouth water, so I had to come and take a look at them again.... looks so good!! :~j