Monday, June 28, 2010

Finnish Cultural Assimilation Lesson # 32.7 - Vain Suomessa - Only in Finland

Warning! This post is extremely gross!

Usually my blogposts concerning Finland highlight everything that I find to be wonderful about my adopted homeland. On occasion I'll run across something so negative that I have to write about it, just so people know that I realize that I am not living in some magical fairyland where everything is perfect. A past example of this type of post would be my Finnish Cultural Assimilation Lesson # 53. Unfortunately, once again I have made an observation that, like it or not, I must write about.

Dear recent and/or future immigrants to Finland: Usually I am of the opinion that cultural assimilation is the best policy for those of us who want to succeed in our adopted homeland. On occasion I discover cultural phenomenon practiced by the host culture that, in the interest of building a better society, should only be observed by immigrants - these habits should not be taken into practice! Just because the original residents of our new land find this acceptable does not mean that we should follow in suit!

Public urination is a common problem in cities throughout the world. Only in Finland have I encountered the phenomenon of public defecation. It has occured at our address twice in the last twelve months. The first offense was found in the entrance of our building. This time an individual who obviously was enjoying their Midsummer holiday a little bit too much chose to lighten their load in the gateway to the courtyard of our building.

My fellow immigrants, please remember that although it is usually a safe bet to do as the Finns do if we want to become productive members of society, sometimes it is indeed a better policy to follow our own norms of what is and what is not socially acceptable behavior.

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  1. I like the contrast of this post with the previous one :D