Monday, May 3, 2010

Veneen tervaus / Tarring the boat

Jarkko is a great guy. Since last spring he has been letting my coworker Antti and I use his rowboat on Tuomiojärvi - a small lake in the heart of the city near downtown Jyväskylä. In exchange, we take care of the rent that the city requires for the small piece of shoreline where the boat is stored when not in use.

Wooden rowboats require some maintenance to keep them seaworthy. The weather today was sunny and dry so Antti and I spent a couple of hours giving the boat its annual coat of pine tar. Applying pine tar can be a little bit messy, but the fragrance of pine tar is wonderful and the end result of having a boat that doesn't leak isn't a bad thing either.

Pine tar cut with linseed oil and turpentine.

First we tarred the inside of the boat...

...then we tarred the outer surfaces.

The Lake Tuomiojärvi fishing season starts on May 13th at noon. Fishing with bait and a pole won't cost you anything but if you plan on fishing with lures you should look into buying a license. Lake Tuomiojärvi fishing license information here (in Finnish).

In addition to the city fishing license you will also need to pay the national fishing fee and procure a provincial fishing license.

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