Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pop-up-taidenäyttely! / Pop-up art show!

Due to a misunderstanding in scheduling, this show is for 2 days only! In other words, tomorrow is your last chance to catch this show! The opening went well by the way... Managed to sell 3 paintings in the first half hour.

Starting this Wednesday, for three days only, I'm putting together a pop-up show here in Jyväskylä,. The show will be composed of paintings left over from past shows. Date, location, and time can be found below.

Pop-up art show!
Paintings by Willie Lahti
3 days only! 2 days only!

Gallery Halt (Formerly Parfymeria Tawast)
Kauppakatu 13
May 19 – 21 May 19 - 20

Gallery is open:
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm
Thursday 3pm – 6pm
Friday 3pm-6pm Friday cancelled!

Willie Lahden maalauksia
Vain kolme päivää! Vain kaksi päivää!

Galleria Halt (ent. Parfymeria Tawast)
Kauppakatu 13
19. – 21. toukokuuta 19. - 2o. toukokuuta!

Galleria on auki:
Keskiviikko klo 17–19
Torstai klo 15 – 18
Perjantai klo 15 – 19 Perjantai peruttu!

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