Monday, May 31, 2010

Kari Peitsamo - Live at Vakiopaine

Kari Peitsamo stopped by Vakiopaine the other night and put on a pretty decent show. An extremely prolific musician/songwriter (over 50 albums at this juncture), Peitsamo is also an author (of poems, essays, and lyrics) and a politician (Communist Party of Finland).

Peitsamo puts on a great live show - both times I've seen him perform he has been quite adept at engaging the audience - often encouraging the crowd to participate during select songs.

Despite the fact that I was working during the show, I managed to take a few photos:

I also managed to shoot some video. Here we have Peitsamo performing Jesus Gave Me a Gold Record: (sorry about the poor quality - remember I was working when I shot this...)

Kari Peitsamo's web site can be found here.

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