Monday, May 31, 2010

Kari Peitsamo - Live at Vakiopaine

Kari Peitsamo stopped by Vakiopaine the other night and put on a pretty decent show. An extremely prolific musician/songwriter (over 50 albums at this juncture), Peitsamo is also an author (of poems, essays, and lyrics) and a politician (Communist Party of Finland).

Peitsamo puts on a great live show - both times I've seen him perform he has been quite adept at engaging the audience - often encouraging the crowd to participate during select songs.

Despite the fact that I was working during the show, I managed to take a few photos:

I also managed to shoot some video. Here we have Peitsamo performing Jesus Gave Me a Gold Record: (sorry about the poor quality - remember I was working when I shot this...)

Kari Peitsamo's web site can be found here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The best lunch in town - Kulttuuriravintola Ylä-Ruth

Located next to the University of Jyväskylä campus library, Kulttuuriravintola Ylä-Ruth is an establishment with a lot to offer - drink, colorful clientele, and musical instruments if you feel the urge to play a tune (including guitars, a piano, and an acoustic bass).

Ylä-Ruth also happens to have the best lunch deal in town. For under 6 euros you will find yourself with a big bowl of soup, bread and salad, a non-alcoholic beverage, and a cup of coffee. Friendly and competent table service is part of the deal.

The lunch at Ylä-Ruth may not be as economical as a meal at one of the on-campus cafeterias (if you have a student card) but chances are, at Ylä-Ruth you will never have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get some food. The table service is another touch that you won't find in any of the campus cafeterias.

In the above photo - jauhelihakeitto (ground beef soup), rye bread, salad, and a nice cold glass of piimä (buttermilk).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pop-up-taidenäyttely! / Pop-up art show!

Due to a misunderstanding in scheduling, this show is for 2 days only! In other words, tomorrow is your last chance to catch this show! The opening went well by the way... Managed to sell 3 paintings in the first half hour.

Starting this Wednesday, for three days only, I'm putting together a pop-up show here in Jyväskylä,. The show will be composed of paintings left over from past shows. Date, location, and time can be found below.

Pop-up art show!
Paintings by Willie Lahti
3 days only! 2 days only!

Gallery Halt (Formerly Parfymeria Tawast)
Kauppakatu 13
May 19 – 21 May 19 - 20

Gallery is open:
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm
Thursday 3pm – 6pm
Friday 3pm-6pm Friday cancelled!

Willie Lahden maalauksia
Vain kolme päivää! Vain kaksi päivää!

Galleria Halt (ent. Parfymeria Tawast)
Kauppakatu 13
19. – 21. toukokuuta 19. - 2o. toukokuuta!

Galleria on auki:
Keskiviikko klo 17–19
Torstai klo 15 – 18
Perjantai klo 15 – 19 Perjantai peruttu!


Produced by Helkama, the Jopo first appeared for purchase by the generally public in 1965. Designed by Eero Rislakki and Erkki Rahikainen the Jopo was meant to be a bicycle for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or size. Its very name Jopo is derived from the term Jokaisen Polkupyörä which means everyone's bicycle.

The frame of the original Jopo was assembled from components of stamped steel sheetmetal. The production of the original Jopo came to an end in 1974. In 2000 the original design was revived, but instead of a sheetmetal frame the new "retro"Jopo features a frame constructed of steel tubing. The original design lines have been preserved.

What makes the design of this bike so great in my opinion are the seat and handlebars that can be adjusted to accommadate any rider. While this is definitely not the bike for you if you are planning 100 km road trips, it is perfect for city riding and nice little rides in the country.

I picked up a new Jopo the other day. With the amazing, unseasonably warm weather that we have in Finland at the moment, please forgive me for cutting this entry off short. I'm going for a bike ride.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Satasen lenkki yhdelle - 100 km run in the window of Vakiopaine

Jari Määttä is a man with a mission. Today at 2:00 pm he began his "Satasen lenkki yhdelle" - a 100 km run to raise awareness about the importance of mental health care in Finland.

While running 100 kilometers is a huge accomplishment at any time, what makes this particular run special is that he is doing it on a treadmill in the window of Vakiopaine - a bar where I also happen to be employed.

Jari hopes to complete the run by last call, giving him 13.5 hours to get the job done. All proceeds will be directed to Kriisikeskus Mobile.

The run is being sponsored by these businesses and organizations:

Tunturi-Hellberg Oy Ltd
Kylpylä ja kuntoutus Peurunka
Lähivakuutus Keski-Suomi
Jyväskylän Kopioteam
Kick Off
Baari Vakiopaine
Kriisikeskus Mobile
Vastavoima ry

Link to Keskisuomalainen article concerning this event.
Link to this event's Facebook page.

This event will also be covered on the 10 pm news on MTV3 in Finland.

4.43 km taken care of in the first half hour...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Veneen tervaus / Tarring the boat

Jarkko is a great guy. Since last spring he has been letting my coworker Antti and I use his rowboat on Tuomiojärvi - a small lake in the heart of the city near downtown Jyväskylä. In exchange, we take care of the rent that the city requires for the small piece of shoreline where the boat is stored when not in use.

Wooden rowboats require some maintenance to keep them seaworthy. The weather today was sunny and dry so Antti and I spent a couple of hours giving the boat its annual coat of pine tar. Applying pine tar can be a little bit messy, but the fragrance of pine tar is wonderful and the end result of having a boat that doesn't leak isn't a bad thing either.

Pine tar cut with linseed oil and turpentine.

First we tarred the inside of the boat...

...then we tarred the outer surfaces.

The Lake Tuomiojärvi fishing season starts on May 13th at noon. Fishing with bait and a pole won't cost you anything but if you plan on fishing with lures you should look into buying a license. Lake Tuomiojärvi fishing license information here (in Finnish).

In addition to the city fishing license you will also need to pay the national fishing fee and procure a provincial fishing license.