Saturday, April 24, 2010

White Guard (Civil Guard) and Lotta Svärd Museum in Seinäjoki

I've spent a lot of time in Seinäjoki over the last few years but I had never visited the White Guard and Lotta Svärd Museum (Suojeluskunta -ja Lotta Svärd - Museo) until a few weeks ago.

The Lotta Svärd was a Finnish voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organization for Finnish women perhaps most remembered for their service during the Winter and Continuation wars. During the Finnish Civil War the Lottas were associated with the White Guard (suojeluskunta). Both organizations were disbanded according to the terms of the Finno-Soviet peace treaty following World War II.

The buildings housing the museum were designed by a young Alvar Aalto and built between 1924 and 1926 as a headquarters for the White Guard of South Ostrobothnia (Etelä-pohjanmaa). The interior of the museum is in near-original condition, just as it was in 1925. Photography inside the museum is forbidden so I don't have any photos of the interior details.

Admission fee is 2 Euros - 1 Euro for students

A couple of photos featuring the front of the main building:

A relief featuring the Lottas and the White Guard

A statue commemorating the White Guard

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