Thursday, April 15, 2010

An old train engine and something you probably don't want to drink

On my way to the studio last week I decided to take a few photos of the old train engine that is located down by the Matkakeskus (train/bus station) in Jyväskylä. This particular engine was, as far as I can tell, built in 1931 in Tampere.

In Finland, just like almost anywhere else in the world, the areas around train and bus stations are favorite gathering places for the dysfunctionally alcoholic - the particular breed of drunk who is no longer welcome in pubs or bars - known in Finnish as pultsari or puliukko.

These gentleman (and women) can also be seen engaging in alcohol consumption in parks, outside of shopping centers, and around corners where they are less likely to be spotted by police or security guards.

Now I'm not much of a wine connoisseur, but I'm guessing that if the bottle in the photo above (Last Mango - serve chilled - strong fruit wine - 15 % alcohol) was abandoned by the chronically alcoholic, it must not have much in the nose, palate, or finish departments. The color and clarity are outstanding though.

There is something to be said about an alcoholic beverage that is so horrible that a Finnish street bum won't finish off the bottle... This is pure speculation however, since I haven't tasted the beverage in question.


  1. I wouldn't try to drink that, it could have been filtered thru a drunk's kidneys!!

  2. Don't worry Kulkuri, I'm not one to go around tasting half-empty bottles that I find by the railroad tracks!

  3. It looks a bit glowy, doesn't it? That stuff might be radioactive!

  4. The color is a bit scary. I should note that I did not manipulate the photo at all. Thats how the stuff really looks!