Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signs of spring / Two buildings by Aalto

Took a little stroll through Kirkkopuisto (The Church park in downtown Jyväskylä) and couldn't help but notice the signs of spring. Birds singing in the spruces, a warm wind, sunshine in the late afternoon and snowbanks receding to reveal 4 months of dog crap accumulated along the footpaths.

A random photographic sampling of the offerings of spring:

I figured that since I had my camera out already, I might as well take some photos of 2 buildings by Alvar Aalto - the man who brought us the most uncomfortable lecture halls and lavatory facilities ever.

Both of the buildings in the following photos are located on the edges of Kirkkopuisto.

City Theater (Kaupungingteatteri), completed years after the Master's death.

White Guard (Suojeluskunta) Building - This decrepit building is in need of some repairs. Hopefully the city finally decides to do something about this building. If they are so intent on preserving the structure, perhaps they should consider making an investment in it.

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  1. Ah, Yes, there's the smell of dog shit in the air, it must be Spring!!