Saturday, February 6, 2010

Helmi-Festivaali Vakiopaineessa - Helmi Records Festival at Vakiopaine

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest immigrant bartender/bouncer in all of Central Finland. We tend to have a lot of high quality live music performances upstairs as well as top-notch presentations in the black box theater in our cellar.

Helmi Levyt (Helmi Records)is putting on a mini musicfest this weekend at Vakiopaine. Last night (Friday) Inariveljet performed first and then were followed by Tampo.

Some photos and video from last nights performances:


A video of Inariveljet performing last night:

Sorry that the camerawork is a little jumpy. Its not so easy to work the door and shoot video at the same time...



The sound quality of the video I shot during the Tampo performance was exceptionally poor so I'm choosing not to post it. Here is a link to their Myspace page.

Helmi-Festivaali continues tonight at 8 pm with performances by Sami Kukka, Tuulenkantajat, and Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha.

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