Thursday, January 21, 2010

Järvi-Suomen Herkku riihiruisleipä - Järvi-Suomen Herkku smoke-cured rye

This is not my first post concerning riihiruisleipä (smoke-cured rye bread). This truly Finnish delicacy is neither readily available, nor is it hard to find. Any good grocery store or bakery will include this magnificent loaf in their repetoire whenever possible.

Riihiruis is rye that has been dried and cured in the traditional Finnish manner - over a small, smouldering open fire in a (ideally log) drying barn. The result is pest and fungus free rye with a remarkable smoky flavor and aroma. The smokiness makes it through the baking process and is present in the flavors of the finished product.

Järvi-Suomen Herkku makes a pretty outstanding loaf of riihiruis bread. Best served sliced real thin with a little bit of the best butter you can find. This bread is a traditional yeast-free 100% rye.

The list of ingredients is pretty simple. Smoke-cured rye flour, water, bread starter (fermented dough basically), and sea salt.

Apparently this bread is produced in Hirvensalmi, not too far from Mikkeli.

I picked up this beautiful loaf of bread at Mestarin Herkku in Jyväskylä.


  1. Thank you, Willie, for your thorough description of this amazing product of human hands. Today "by accident" I bought a loaf of it, sure of purchasing something completely different, and... it blew me away.

    ps: I love your blog

  2. Antonella, thank you for your kind words. Thanks for the comment which made me think about how good this bread is. I think I'll have to go look for a loaf of this stuff or something similar this weekend.