Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alain Bezard - Walking from Helsinki to Nordkapp

There was an article in the Keskisuomalainen newspaper today about Alain Bezard, a French fellow who is in the process of walking across Finland from south to north. He is trusting in the hospitality of Finns to get him through this adventure. So far he has yet to sleep outside, although I gather from his blog that he has had buy his own food at least once.

Alain in downtown Jyväskylä yesterday

Keep an eye out for this guy and help him along his way. As someone who once rode a bicycle from Helsinki to Oulu I can say that there is nothing quite like the kindness of strangers.

Alain's blog can be found here. You can find his contact information here if you would like to help him out along his way to Nordkapp in Norway.


  1. You would think he would have picked a warmer time of year for his trek!!

  2. Once you get up north, there can be distances of more than 30 kilometers between outposts of civilization. I'm guessing he will be able to complete his walk without too much difficulty. It was interesting to talk with him the other night although we couldn't go into too much detail since I was working the door and had to focus on the crowd too.