Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kalaliike Mäkinen - Mäkinen's fish market

It doesn't take much for me to get excited. In this case, the excitement is coming from the fact that a new business is moving to our neighborhood.

Kalaliike Mäkinen will be a welcome addition to the Yläkaupunki neighborhood of Jyväskylä. When Divari Kangas closed up shop, a lot of us were afraid that our street would be blessed with yet another beauty shop, real estate agent, or pizza-kebab joint. Luckily, a fish market is moving in, and they promise to be open by Christmas.

Coming soon to Kauppakatu 8 in Jyäskylä - Kalaliike Mäkinen!


  1. "Luckily, a fish market is moving in, and they promise to be open by Christmas." You are now truly a Finn!!

  2. It's nice to have another fresh fish option here in town. And I wasn't joking. It seems like every other storefront in our neighborhood is a haircut place. Are there really that many customers out there? I cut my own hair with clippers. I only have one cut in my repetoire - real short.

    Of course, I try to catch my own fish as much as possible, but its really rare that I'm gonna go sit out on the ice to catch them