Monday, November 9, 2009

Tiinan Tupa

Tiinan Tupa is situated approximately half-way between Jyväskylä and Kuopio. At Hanna's suggestion we stopped for a bit of a break on our way home last Sunday.

I knew right away that this was going to be my kind of place. In addition to the building in this photo there were a few other structures, including a fire-pit shelter where the weary traveller can grill their own picnic snacks. It is always fun to find something different in a country full of ABC behemoths and Shell gas/food stops.

Apparently the view from Tiinan Tupa is spectacular. I am unable to verify this since we visited on a dark and foggy night but I have no reason to doubt the rumors.

The price of a coffee refill hasn't changed since 1974. My refill was free and I'm guessing that this is standard practice at Tiinan Tupa.

Coffee, homemade baked goods, other snacks. Tiina's decor is that of flea-market capitalism. Everything is for sale, even the tables and chairs. I won't even attempt to caption most of the following photos. Sorry about the photo quality, I'm still getting used to my new camera.

I was so busy looking around and snapping photos that I forgot that I was supposed to be eating donuts and drinking coffee.

Tiinan Tupa is home to what was once the world's largest birchbark backpack. I'm not sure where to find the world-record holder. This one was pretty impressive to see.

Taking a break is part of the journey.

Where to find Tiinan Tupa:

Näytä tiinan tupa suuremmalla kartalla


  1. "The price of a coffee refill hasn't changed since 1974. My refill was free and I'm guessing that this is standard practice at Tiinan Tupa."

    Your translation is correct but in there "samaan hintaan" is a idiom meaning same as "kaupan päälle".
    Atleast for me it says "Refill have been included in price of coffee since 1974"/"Free refill of coffee since 1974" or something like that, im not good in english.

  2. Thanks for the linguistic insight. My Finnish is by no means perfect although it has been my primary language for several years now.

  3. wow! Does that really qualify as a "backpack" tho? Looks more car-top luggage rack size... cool.

  4. this is the place i would like to visit...
    could you kindly tell me how to get there from jyvaskyla by public transport.

    my email address:

    kind regards


  5. Seppo, I'm not sure how to get there by public transportation. I may be a little tricky since it is in the middle of nowhere. It could be that you might get there by bus... I'm not sure if they are open in the winter either. There is a link to their website at the beginnining of this post.