Friday, November 6, 2009

Kuopion kauppahalli - The Kuopio market hall

We began our long weekend on Wednesday with a quick stop in Kuopio. Kuopio is famous for its kauppahalli (market hall).

The building itself is quite possibly Kuopio's finest example of art deco/jugend architecture. Designed by architect Johan Victor Strömberg, the market hall began operating in 1902.

The market hall is home to about 30 different vendors offering meats, fish, baked goods, hand-made crafts, and of course, the most excellent and delicious kalakukko.

The Kuopio Market Hall homepage can be found here.


  1. I don't know if you saw any of Ruma Suomi on tv earlier in the year (which featured Kuopio in one programme) - but there was some talk then of demolishing the fish market wing of the hall so they could extend it... hopefully they realise they need to keep the building which makes the character and history of the place. Not that I'm against new buildings/'modernisation', just not at all costs.

  2. I missed that episode. I was impressed by Kuopio's melange of old and new in the downtown area. That they managed to save a nice portion of old wooden structures perhaps affected me the most. Jyväskylä managed to get rid of almost all wooden buildings downtown by the late 50s already. Then again, without that bit of progress we probably wouldn't have an apartment just a few steps away from the kirkkopuisto..

  3. I love this place! Kuopio really has some nicely preserved old buildings, and I certainly hope that talk of demolishing the fish market wing won't come to anything.