Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Juustoportin kirnuvoi - Juustoportti churned butter

These days one is confronted with a plethora of butter substitutes in the dairy section of any Finnish grocery store. They promise to lower your cholesterol, make you smarter, thinner, taller, remove unsightly back hair, and so on. These vegetable spreads all have one thing in common - they taste nothing like butter.

I like food. I like food that tastes good. A good meal often starts with good butter. I've finally a butter that exceeds my standards.

Juustoportti kirnuvoi claims to be churned in the traditional manner. I highly doubt that a whiskered old granny is pounding the fat out of the cream in a standing churn, so it isn't what I would call ultra-traditional, but it does have all the qualities that an excellent butter should.


  1. well, if there's no whickered old granny involved I'm not interested!

    Greetings from Kuusamo! just found your blog via the expat blog thingy

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