Friday, October 2, 2009

Van Tien Asian Foods Myymäläauto - mobile store

This Asian grocery bus parks outside our building every now and then. I've noticed it for quite some time now, but never manage to get down the stairs and out the door before it leaves.

Today I managed to make it to the door of the bus just as they were leaving so I didn't have a chance to do any shopping. The driver said they are in Jyväskylä every fourth Friday morning from 9 to 11. Armed with this information I am hoping to be able to check their wares the next time they are in town.


  1. Where exactly does this park in Jyvaskyla? Is it still around?

  2. Around Kauppakatu 13. I'm not sure if these guys still stop in JKL anymore, I haven't lived across from their old stop for over a year. Asian Food Jyväskylä has a pretty good selection. .