Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jalapeño kukkia-Jalapeño Flowers

This jalapeño plant was definitely glad to be moved indoors from its summer home the garden. It already had a few blossoms, but once moved to the kitchen window it began to flower profusely. There are already a few chilis forming.

Chili peppers and sauces are one of my most effective winter survival tools. The endorphin rush that they deliver helps me get through the dark days of winter, of which Finland has plenty.


  1. Growing a japaleno plant, what a brilliant idea ! Did you buy it from a "plantagen"-like shop ? Or did you plant seeds ?

  2. I bought it as a small seedling at a garden store last spring. I'm going to grow a few different varieties of chilis next year.

  3. Great ! I might try next spring. Let us know how your experiments work out...