Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ilmapuuro aka vispipuuro - whipped berry porridge

A great way to use the berries you picked at the end of summer.

In some families it's called ilmapuuro (air porridge), in other families it's called vispipuuro (whipped porridge). This is a dessert, but I guess you could eat it for breakfast if you are feeling decadent.

Recipe for about 4 people, depending on how much they eat:

1 liter of water (thats pretty close to a quart)
3 deciliters of lingonberries aka lowbush cranberries (3 dl is just shy of 1.5 cups)
1 - 1.5 deciliters of sugar (around about half a cup)
1.5 deciliters of farina aka cream of wheat (a heaping half cup's worth)

Boil the berries in the water for about 5 minutes. For a super-smooth end product, cook the berries for about 10 minutes or so and strain out the fibrous material. If you don't mind a bit of fiber in your diet, let those berry skins be.

Add the sugar and the farina and cook for about 10 minutes, until the mixture seems thick enough.

Let the porridge cool, then whip it with an electric mixer or use your favorite kitchen machine with a whisk attachment.

Serve with cold milk poured on top.

If you don't have lingonberries, substitute the water and berries with cranberry juice. You could also use whatever berries you have available.


  1. I love the berries and also the trees you can see everyday from your window! I miss Jyväskylä and really would love to see the autumn colours there... Thanks for the photos and the feeling you keep reporting about. Give my best wishes to the best suomi teacher ever... Gabriella from Budapest

  2. this looks yummy...wonder if i could get some lingonberries from ikea?

  3. They grow in northern Minnesota. The locals refer to them as low-bush cranberries. Grandpa Bill Yliniemi picked them at our place when I was a kid.