Sunday, September 13, 2009

A couple things that I'm working on

Studio time has been slim the last few weeks. With a new little family member, visitors, time at the inlaw's cabin, getting back to work, etc, it's been hard to make the laughably short bike commute to the Rifle Factory.

Hanna's theater season has started, so there have been practices and performances during which I try my hardest to keep Reino entertained.

We've been on walks taking pictures, spent time on our stomachs, and if he is in a good mood I get some time with a marker and a sketchbook.

Here are some details from a couple of larger marker drawings.

A few photos taken during walks with the boy.

This gentleman was pretty excited about his new boots.

A stand of pines on the University of Jyväskylä campus. Near Ilokivi.

A large mountain ash. Also on campus.

The skeleton of an unidentified fish. Anybody out there got a clue as to which species this might be?

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