Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lastenneuvola - children's health clinic

The lastenneuvola (children's health clinic) services are available to all Finnish children who have not yet reached school age.

Reino had his first visit with a public health nurse when she visited our home shortly after his birth in July. My friends jokingly told me that the true reason for the home visits is to allow the nurses to snoop around for ashtrays and liquor bottles. Really the nurse that visited us just weighed him and checked up to see how we all were doing. It was actually nice to have someone stop by right away to let us know we were doing things right.

The other week he had his first visit with a nurse at the lastenneuvola (Children's Health Clinic) here in Jyväskylä. His neuvolatäti weighed him and measured him and then talked with us, answered our questions, and actually gave us some helpful advice concerning a few issues that we were having.

Reino has a bunch more visits scheduled throughout the next few years. I guess sooner or later he'll be getting his shots.

For more information about lastenneuvolat (Children's Health Clinics) in Finland check the following link: Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs Health page regarding Maternity Clinics and Children's Health Clinics (in English) here.

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