Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ateljee Autio

Near the village of Ylipää, on a ridge called Tapolanvuori, not too far from the southwestern shore of Lake Lappajärvi, you will find a troll's castle, a cave with paintings on the stone walls, a controversial church, and statues of concrete. These are all a part of Ateljee Autio, the studio of artist,stoneworking expert, and police officer Tapio Autio.

Open during the summer from 10-18. Otherwise, call one of the numbers on the sign to arrange a visit. Adults 5 €, children 2 €

One of the first statures that you will see.

The Ateljee Autio complex as seen from the parking lot.

Statues in and around the Troll's Castle.

A few of the Kalevala-themed paintings inside the rock-painting cave.

At the artist's request I didn't take any photos inside the church or the shrine. I was impressed by details that were found within. There is a warning posted outside stating that people have had physical and spiritual reactions from the church itself, ranging from repulsion to rapture.

There is also an observation tower that is well worth the climb.

Looking towards Lake Lappajärvi.

Looking down towards Ateljee Autio

How to find this place that is located somewhat off the beaten path:

Näytä ateljee autio, ylipää suuremmalla kartalla

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  1. Wow. This I liked very much. It was so interesting to read and to admire Your photos. Thank You.