Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Villasukat - Wool Socks

The Marttaliito (Martha Organization) is a Finnish home economics organization that was founded in 1899. The Marthas' original purpose was to assist in the creation of a responsible and enlightened population by teaching basic home economics skills. Today the Marthas are active in the areas of promoting good nutrition, home gardening, household economics, consumer issues, and civic and cultural education. They also have some international projects including a program in Burkina Faso.

In honor of their 110th anniversary, the Marthas are making sure that every baby born in Finland this year gets a pair of homemade wool socks. That's about 60,000 pairs of socks knit by Martha Organization members. The Finnish Midwive's Association is recognizing their own 90 year anniversary by distributing the socks to newborns and their families.

Reino got his socks yesterday.


  1. Congats on the arrival of the baby!

    And the socks looks very cute. Great idea!

  2. Oh my sweet nephew! We can't wait to see more photos and to meet Reino!

  3. Good to see that old tradition is still alive. I have few pairs of wool socks granma did to me, well aduld size but anyway. I hated soft gifts when i were young but now i appreciate those :)

    And congratulations for baby and no more pictures of baby because they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and since im finnish man i have to drink some beer, kill bear with knife, yell perkele to empty lake and beat up everyone who dares to look to me after unacceptable thing like that so its kinda hard ;)

  4. Oh you had a baby! Obviously I am behind on my blog reading :). Warm congratulations!