Sunday, July 19, 2009

Suomalaiset sikarit - Finnish cigars

In 1997, Johan Sundqvist, an old hand in the Finnish tobacco industry, decided to set out on his own, and founded Cigar Factory J. Sundqvist. Located in Parainen (Pargas) , the factory is doing well, despite the fact that tobacco advertising has been illegal in Finland since well before Sundqvist's firm was founded.

I quit smoking cigarettes a while back and I've never been much of a cigar guy, but when our son was born a few days ago I decided to hand out cigars to my friends. I decided to buy Finnish, something I do whenever possible. I chose Sundqvist's Mezzo Piano, a senorita-sized cigar.

To my unsophisticated palate they tasted like cigars, although a friend of mine who smokes cigars regularly assures me that they are quite good.


  1. So, you actually smoked it? I know that there are some traditions surrounding child birth and cigars. I guess I'm scared to try any tobacco products since quitting the cigarettes. I'm not a cigar guy either, but it wouldn't take much for me to be right back in the depths of addiction--perhaps I am weak.

  2. I had a few puffs. It didn't make me feel like becoming a regular smoker again. Actually, nowadays when the windows are open and the stink of a neighbor's cigarette wafts in I get pretty annoyed - not because I want a smoke, but because it smells bad.

  3. Yeah, the stink is pretty awful and I am super sensitive to it nowadays. One of the janitors was sneaking a smoke in the school the other day, I could smell it from the other side of the building and searched it out and caught him in the act!
    I guess for me it's related to what level of apathy I have attained about my health. I fear if I start taking little jaunts into that life again I might be able to reconvince myself that it doesn't matter. At which point the smell is the least of my worries. But like I said, perhaps I am weak.