Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the garden - july update

Waiting for baby meant that we didn't make it to the summer cabin for a month. One would think that my vegetable patch would have suffered, but I am blessed with quite possibly the best in-laws in the world. Despite my absence weeds were hoed, plants were staked, thinned, and fertilized. Quite possibly things are in better condition than they would have been had I managed to be there myself.

Looking at the garden, with sweet corn and kitchen herbs in the foreground.

Beets, sugarsnap peas aka peapods aka sokeriherneet, and lettuce of the lollo rosso variety

Sokeriherneet aka sugarsnap peas. Ready to eat.

Sunflowers. One in bloom, another in the drying phase.

I thinned the carrots. Oskari and I polished off this handfull.

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