Sunday, June 28, 2009

Satama ja Lutakko - The Harbor and Lutakko

Join us on a sunny day walking tour from Yläkaupunki (Uptown) to Alakaupunki (Downtown) by way of the harbor and the Lutakko neighborhood.

Walk down the hill (towards the lake) and to Hannikaisenkatu and make your way towards Kilpisenkatu. You'll find a bicycle/pedestrian bridge that will take you over the railroad tracks and the highway and into the harbor area.

Näytä harbor and lutakko suuremmalla kartalla

The blue line on the map above indicates our approximate route, although not exactly. If you get lost, just take off your clothes and run in circles in full panic mode - just like they taught you to do in wilderness survival...

Approaching the harbor, which is being "improved" this year. Don't worry about the lake being filled-in with sand, gravel, and rocks. Most of the Lutakko neighborhood (where the harbor is located) is built on filled-in lake bed. The authorities ensure us that the neighborhood is safe for all of the apartment buildings that are built there. You won't catch me buying an apartment in that neighborhood, hundred year floods have been known to submerge all that filled-in land.

Looking towards Ceausescu Beach, the appealing grey concrete area of lakeshore. This area is home for some temporary harbor facilities this year. Past the Ceausescu area (so named for its lifeless, grey, communist-era concrete design) you will find the Mattilanniemi area of the University of Jyväskylä campus, a swimming beach, and some offices that Nokia abandoned this year in their search for cheaper places to operate (not in Finland).

Looking towards the city center from the harbor area.

One excellent reason to head to the Jyväskylä harbor in the summertime. LettuBaari. This little shack sells pancakes either sweet (with strawberry jam and whipped cream) or salty (ham or other meat product and cheese). That's all they sell and they are good at it. Sometimes you may have to wait up to half an hour if they are experiencing a sales rush. Sorry I don't have a pancake photo, I had just eaten lunch prior to our walk.

The Gaia. When it's not a sailing bar, it's a harbor bar.

The Hilja pulls in to the harbor. On the other side of the lake is the Ainolanranta neighborhood.

Kuokkalan silta - The Kuokkala Bridge, which leads from downtown to the Kuokkala area.

Did you notice this guy sitting on a swing under the bridge? It's a sculpture by artist Seppo Uuranmäki.

Heading along the Rantaraitti - a bicycle/pedestrian path that circles Lake Jyväsjärvi - towards the Lutakko Beach.

Looking towards downtown from Lutakonpuisto (Lutakko Park).

Lutakko Park has a piece of "art" which features a climbing wall.

Looking across Lutakko Park towards Lake Jyväsjärvi.

Looking towards the lake from the base of the pedestrian bridge that leads to the Train/Bus Station and downtown.

The highway and rail lines which separate downtown Jyväskylä from Lake Jyväsjärvi.
The pine trees of Harju are visible in the background.

The pedestrian bridge that links Lutakko with downtown is a nice blend of steel and wood construction.

The large brick building in the center of this photo is home to Jelmu, the Jyväskylä Live Music Association. It houses Tanssisali Lutakko - a live music venue- and practice spaces for musicians.

Head a few blocks up Väinönkatu from the train station and you will find yourself in the heart of downtown. The building in the foreground houses The Center for Printmaking and its gallery - Galleria Harmonia.

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  1. Great photos. Jyvasykla seems to be a nice place to live in. At least very inviting to come and have a closer look at it.