Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garden (another update) and a Fish Story

Things are looking good on the shores of Lappajärvi.

Hours of fishing the lake yielded nothing. (A sidetrip to a local stream provided much more excitement in the ichthyology department, I'll get to that later.) At least the garden is doing well, despite the fact that I haven't been to check up on it for a few weeks.

The corn has grown considerably, and everything that I started from seed outdoors is coming along just like it is supposed to.

The unseasonably warm weather last weekend definitely gave a helping hand. Last year at the same time there was a killing frost and some snow.

Not looking too impressive yet, but summer has just begun.

Young peas. I'll need to set up some strings for them to cling to soon.

Celery. These little buggers are growing super-fast.

Asparagus. I started these from seed last year. They won't produce any edible bits until next year. After that It'll be asparagus pee every summer.

And now, a bit about the first successful fishing trip of the summer.

My friend (and quite possibly distant relative - he's from the same town that my grandparents were from) Kosti happened to be in the Järviseutu
area when we were there last weekend.
He took me to a little stream in an undisclosed location in the countryside. After a little bit of bushwhacking we reached our destination.

Kosti working a hole upstream from where I was fishing.

No fancy fly-fishing on this particular trip, just basic gear and lures. I managed to land a couple of far-too-small trout which I didn't bother to photograph.

I'll spare you the details of the one that got away, other than that I almost had a nice fish, actually had it in my hands, and then lost it.

Kosti demonstrated better luck and skill than me and landed a nice-sized fish for such a little stream.

Kosti managed to land this trout, which weighed in just shy of one kilo.

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