Friday, May 15, 2009

sauna stamps

The former Finnish Posti, now Itella (stupid name, supposedly it sounds more "international") recently released its newest book of stamps. These stamps celebrate the sauna.

Allegedly a Finnish invention, the steam bath actually dates back to time immemorial. Perhaps the Finns were the first to reinvent the concept of the 3 room sauna (1 room for steam, 1 for washing, 1 for changing clothes), but in truth the Etruscans had that idea in use well before my Finnish ancestors even managed to move down to the ground from their homes in the treetops.

At any rate, sauna is an awesome and integral part of the Finnish culture.

The front cover of the newest book of Finnish stamps.

A scan of the newest Finnish postage stamps.


  1. When it comes to marketing, Finns did terrific job in advertising sauna as their own invention. Yesterday I stepped into one of those bathroom utensils shops and what I found right in the centre was a wooden FinnSauna with a note in Arabic that it is an original product straight from Finland the land of saunas.

    That's it, in Yemen they know that Finland is some far-far-away country that produces saunas and Nokia phones. Of course, Nokia mobiles are considered the best over here, too.

  2. Anyway, they invented the word, didn't they ? ;) And there are few countries were sauna is so much part of the culture that there is hardly any housing building without it.