Monday, May 25, 2009

katiska/fish trap - rowing on Lake Tuomiojärvi

Jarkko has a nice old wooden rowboat and a lease on a few square meters of Lake Tuomiojärvi shoreline where he keeps it. He and Annina recently moved from Jyväskylä to Vaajakoski and realized they wouldn't be using the boat as often.

This was quite fortuitous for my friend Antti and I, because we had been talking about going in on just such a boat together. We pay the rent for the post on shore where the boat is locked, and in exchange we can use the boat when we need it.

Antti and his son Jimi were planning on checking their katiska (fish trap) so I joined them for a bit of afternoon sunshine and cool lake breezes. Tuomiojärvi is located within blocks of downtown Jyväskylä and is one of the things that makes this such a great little city to live in.

Antti puts a little muscle into the oars while Jimi and I enjoy the ride.

Looking over the bow towards the Laajavuori ski jump.

The katiska had quite a few perch in it, but they were way too small for our purposes.

Antti releases the tiny perch. In a year or two they'll just the right size for eating.

While moving the katiska to a more promising location we stopped on the tinest of islands.

This particular island is tiny. Some folks have boats that are bigger than this island. It has a tiny dock, a handfull of trees, and a fire ring. Bring your own firewood though, you won't find any dead branches here.

Antti installing a freshly whittled plug in the boat. The old one didn't fit so great and was letting water in.

The Jyväskylä congregation of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church owns and maintains Lehtisaari island.

Rowboat rides leave from the Viitaniemi dock to the island hourly in the summertime. Sauna and other activities available, also a small canteen selling coffee etc. No alcohol allowed.

It doesn't cost anything to visit the island or to use its facilities, although I've heard that on occasion visitors have been subjected to the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran hard sell. I've never actually visited the facilities myself, I guess after having lived here for years, I should get around to it one of these days.

Looking towards downtown.

In this photo, the Viitaniemi neighborhood is almost invisible, with the exception of Viitatorni, an apartment building designed by modernist architect and designer Alvar Aalto. The building is thirteen stories tall, Jyväskylä's second tallest building.

To the left is one of the municipal swimming beaches at Lake Tuomiojärvi. Note the sand. Quite often "beach" in Finland means the place by the lake where the grass is mowed short.

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  1. Lovely photo documentary Will, makes me want to get out my kayak and find some water. I could only wish I had a wooden row boat, even with a few holes in the strakes.