Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finnish Army, Nintendo Wii

I usually don't make posts regarding current events, but something on the Helsingin Sanomat webite caught my eye just a moment ago.

It turns out the the Finnish Army is to soon be receiving 300,000 € worth of Nintendo Wii with the intention of providing Finnish recruits with a free time activity that will help get them in shape. (original article here) Overweight recruits in poor physical condition have been an issue recently. No money will be allocated from the Defense budget. Funding for the acquisition is coming from the Maanpuolustuksen kannatussäätiö ( Foundation for the Support of the National Defense) at the request of Army Officials.

According to Minister of Defense Jyri Häkämies, who is also the chair of the Maanpuolustuksen kannatussäätiö - "I think this was a wise choice. I believe that we will continue to prioritize the acquisition of equipment that will aid in the improvement of the physical conditional of the conscripts. (Uskon, että jatkossakin me priorisoimme varusmiesten kunnon parantamiseen tähtääviä hankkeita.)

I don't play video games except for maybe occasionally the video poker machines that are found in grocery stores and kiosks here (I hear that they use the proceeds from the machines to buy glasses for blind children). I've never been in the army either. I find it amusing that they are going to be using videos games to help these young men who are probably in poor physical condition due to the fact that they have spent too much time playing video games.

I've never played with the Wii console but I think any video game that gets lardbutts and stickboys off the counch and encourages them to move more than their thumbs and eyeballs is brilliant.

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