Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Shampoo

This fine Finnish product (Extremely Fine Finnish Shampoo) came on the market in 1974 - an affordable shampoo for all hair types. It is manufactured in Finland by Cederroth.

The original Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Shampoo - Finland's best-selling shampoo according to ACNielsen ScanTrack.

The packaging was the brainchild of Finnish advertising trendsetter Kirsi Paakkanen, who would later become famous as the woman who saved design company Marimekko from bankruptcy and returned the firm to its former glory and then some.

The shape of the bottle was meant to bring the pharmacist's bottles of the period to mind. The pharmacy was regarded as the most trustworthy of shops. The blue represents the blue of the summer sky, the blue found in the Finnish flag, and the blue eyes of the majority of the Finnish people. The little red cabin on the shore of a lake is the Finnish ideal, what nearly everyone here dreams of - a quiet little place where they will be left undisturbed. The whooper swan is the national bird of Finland, notice they are in a tight little family group.

Some of the additions to the Erittäin Hieno product line that have emerged since the original blue bottle shampoo hit the market. From left to right: blueberry, pine tar, birch.

The blueberry is the newest and is meant for dry hair. The smell is a bit too fruity for my taste.

The pine tar shampoo smells like smoke saunas and wooden boats. It is said to help with problem dandruff.

The birch shampoo has a pleasant aroma and is more gentle than the traditional formula and birch is reputed to give added strength to fine hair.


  1. Do they produce anything for the greasy hair? The shampoos loo inviting, maybe if I finally make it to Finland, I'll try them.

  2. I seen and bought this product from various online Finnish shops too like suomikauppa.fi, laplandelishop.com, finlandiashop.com, presentfromsantaclaus.com etc. For a proper address, Google it. It suits to my dandruff at least :P