Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day Eve/Vappuaatto

After a final exam (Finnish to English Translation) I made my way downtown, where the Vappu festivities were already underway. Vendor's booths were already set up selling food as well as the usual carnival crap (counterfeit t-shirts, not-so-cheap cheap sunglasses, etc). As usual, click on pics to enlarge.

The pedestrian street in downtown Jyväskylä at approximately 1 in the afternoon. Please note that Spiderman has had a few too many already.

One of the finer street foods in Finland is the fried vendace aka muikku. The vendors fry them up with butter and salt in big pans, such as the one in the background of this photo.

A few moments later, and this delicious snack was annihilated. The vendace is a relative of the whitefish and is similar to the smelt in flavor.

Another shot of the pedestrian street.

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  1. That looked like fun.
    So how was your walk? Wait a second, if that was how it looked on the 30th of April, so how does it look on the 1st of May?