Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gardening Progress

With a germination success rate of 100 percent my vegetable garden is well on its way.

Sweet corn and sunflowers on the 23rd of April

With such a high rate of germination it was necessary to thin the ranks of the seedlings. I took out the small, the slow, the weak. In this photo, a six day old sweet corn seedling and its taproot.

I like to keep records of what is going on with the plants. Here we have, among other things,documentation of rates of growth.



This year I've decided to try out this "peiteharso" or "protective veil". Made of uv resistant poly fibre it allows 92% of light through its weave,as well as air, nutrients,and water. It creates a microenvironment around the plants, creating greenhouse-like conditions while protecting them from frost,hail,pests and vermin. A few euros worth should be enough to cover my small garden. Last summer was pretty cold here in Finland and I'm hoping that this will give me a bit of an edge. I'll report on its effectiveness once that is determined.

A few of the seeds I intend to start outdoors a few weeks from now:

A mix of Lactuca, Brassica, and Diplotaxis better known as a Baby Leaf salad blend.

A low-bush variety of sugar-snap peas (variety De Grace).

Beets. (variety Bull's Blood). I like to eat borscht in the fall. The young leaves also go quite well in a salad.

The weather has been pretty warm and sunny. I'm personally hoping for a bit of rain. Being that this is Finland, I'm sure that there will be some in the near future.


  1. Wow, that was fast. But I guess it is always this way with the seeds.

    So, you're planning quite a vegetable garden, aren't you?

  2. Looking great , ive just got my seedlings started and its my first time , any pointers ...i live in South Africa , its our very hot summer now .

  3. I have to admit, I have absolutely no experience with vegetable gardens in extremely hot areas. I guess watering is important, but I bet you knew that already...