Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finnish Assimilation Lesson #7.5

Yet another installment in my series of lessons designed to assist you in your journey towards full assimilation in the culture of Finland. For those who haven't read my previous posts on the subject, I believe that one of the mandatory fields of study for those who hope to achieve assimilation is (popular) music, especially the music of years past. Exploring music will help you understand what makes the Finnish people tick.

Olavi Virta-Fly,Song of My Love

Olavi Virta, sometimes know as the King of the Tango, is one of the most recorded artists in the history of music cut nearly 600 songs on record. He also appeared in several films

Tapio Rautavaara-Singing is My Joy and My Work

Tapio Rautavaara was a gold medal athlete (Javelin,London Olympics, 1948), a prolific recording artist, as well as the star of numerous films.

Helena Siltala-French Heels

I actually don't know too much about Helena Siltala. I just like this song.

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