Monday, March 16, 2009


My lovely wife came home from the market a few days ago with a particularly tasty treat: ryynimakkara - a type of sausage. Ryynimakkara is different from other sausages in that one of its ingredients is oat groats, placing it in the same food group as haggis. It is also related to black pudding.

Ryynimakkara is best served with lingonberry preserves.
The sausage in this photo was produced by Makuliha Oy.


  1. Looks good. In the UP of Michigan there is a company that makes Sauna Makkara.

  2. I googled 'ryynimakkara' and your post was second only to Wikipedia. My style of making it, is just cutting the sausages and frying them and putting quite a bit of water in the pan (1½dl for 4 sausages). That way the sausages kind of disintegrate and the whole thing becomes more like minced meat. It swells a little because the groats absorb water and become soft(er). I only add an onion to keep this tasty delicacy simple.
    It's good as a sausage but I prefer the softer texture with potatoes for instance. Do you like the notorious Mustamakkara?

    Say hi to your lovely wife and hope we could get together sometime.

  3. Mustamakkara is awesome. I'll have to do a post on that sometime.

    We definitely should get together. I haven't seen you for quite a while. Come to Jyväskylä sometime!