Monday, February 16, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Even though the weather is cold,the sunshine today made me think of summer, which is still at least 5 months away. I can't say I prefer any particular season over the others, but there are some things that make summer in Finland particularly enjoyable. As usual, click on photos to enlarge.

Wandering around in the woods. This photo was taken near Korpilahti somewhere on the hiking trail in the Vaaruvuori Conservation Area.

Riding bikes. In this photo, my friends Matti Perälä and
Keijo Siekkinen. On this particular trip, we rode to Säynätsalo,went for a swim, then made our way back to Jyväskylä where we had rented the sauna at Tuomiojärvi.

Tuomiojärvi, as seen from just outside the sauna.

I've made a few day trips with my friends on our trusty girl bikes.
One great trip was from Jyväskylä to Laukkaa. It only took a few
hours on a nice sunny day in June. For the return trip we threw
our bikes on the Suomen Suvi, which you can see approaching the dock in the photo above. The cruise back to Jyväskylä through the canals and locks was enjoyable,with more scenery than the human brain can actually process in just one trip.

If I'm not in Jyväskylä in the summer, its safe to bet
that I'm at the cabin near Lappajärvi. Fishing,reading,and
relaxing are my main pasttimes when I am there.

On the south end of the lake, looking to the west.

My brother-in-law Øystein, with a nice example
of a kuha, by far our favorite fish.

I'm almost getting sick of this photo myself.
Me holding the biggest trout I have ever
caught. It was last summer, just after Juhannus.
Øystein and I were trolling in about 3 meters of
water, actually hoping for nice-sized perch.
When this beauty hit the blaze-orange fluorescent floating
that I was using I was pleasantly surprised.

Coming soon: a look at some of the art I've been producing since
my last show.