Sunday, December 28, 2008

tommette de savoie

My sister-in-law and her husband came from France last week and brought an assortment of cheese with them. The most interesting happened to be tommette de savoie.

The aroma of this cheese was rather disgusting. Some tasting notes I've read describe the aroma as "earthy". Well, if "earthy" means "dog turd in an unwashed mayonaise jar left in a hot car for a week before opening" then it definitely has an earthy aroma. Not that this is an informed description or anything-I'm just using my imagination. Honestly, the odor was so disgusting that I had to think long and hard before tasting it. Luckily I've learned from experience that the worst-smelling cheeses generally have exceptional flavor. After overcoming the initial gag reflex I popped a piece in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised. Smooth,slightly nutty flavor with hint of dry clover and timothy.


  1. Love your description of 'earthy'!!

    Got the web address from New World Finn.

  2. You got me laughing and laughing too! I have just had a cheese platter with Tommette and your description really fits the bill.