Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Its about time...

I've been promising myself that I would set up some sort of Internet thingy to display my art and relate my experiences for quite a few years now. Well, I guess that I've finally gotten around to it.

I lived for years in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis and was a co-founder of the West Bank School of Art and Culture, studio space for a few, exhibition space for many, and a cultural center for a veritable shitload of people.

A few years back I relocated to Jyväskylä, a great little city in Central Finland. I work out of a studio space in the Vanha Kivääritehdas (Old Rifle Factory).


A view of downtown Jyväskylä


Vanha Kivääritehdas


My studio space the day I moved in.


  1. Cool, you've finally "made it"!

    I have this WL original from about 10 years ago... where should I get it appraised?

    The theme is your old profession, and it's got your former phone # scrawled over the actual painting in your own hand.

  2. Yea will! I still think I have your best work of art, but they are all awesome. I really like foxy woman too. Of course I would! Love, Dawn Eve

  3. i think 'album cover art' as i look at some of your pieces...maybe cuz i've been in the record shop for 12 hours straight today, but...i thought of Jim Flora record cover art-different than you of course but something related in the outlining, critters. Check out his coffee table art-book, or maybe google?
    Think mom would like Better way to Fish.
    Got any of them kamikaze flying carp out there? Better get a helmet just in case...x0,@.L.L.